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Equipping boards for impact.

  • Boards want to do more than follow pro forma agendas. John shows Boards how to go beyond traditional oversight to impact the organization’s mission.

Helping organizations achieve board excellence.

  • John Dinner works with clients to help them leverage the value their Boards can deliver and the strategic contribution they make to organizational success.

Supporting clients with effective governance processes and tools.

  • Clients value John Dinner’s expertise developing and implementing governance best practice processes and tools to improve Board performance, contribution and accountability.

Fostering trust and candor
in the boardroom.

  • John helps Boards deliver on their oversight mandate by helping establish a strong relational foundation of trust and confidence between Board members, Management and Stakeholders.

FRFI’s trusted partner for third party board and committee assessments

  • OSFI’s new governance guideline for federally regulated financial institutions needs specialized and proven expertise